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11.5 ft
13.5 ft
Article No. 70735-U521
Ladder Height 11.5 ft
Max. Working Height 14.5 ft
Highest Standing Level 7.5 ft
Max load 1100 lb
Max users 3
Weight 33.1 lb
Article No. 70741-U521
Ladder Height 13.5 ft
Max. Working Height 16.5 ft
Highest Standing Level 9.5 ft
Max load 1100 lb
Max users 3
Weight 42.3 lb
70735-U521 Rescue 11,5ft extended front ver.2020.1

Invented to save lives!

USTEPS Rescue Line is the first telescopic ladder in the world where 3 people can use the ladder at the same time. In rescue situation. To save lives.

When our R&D team, in brainstorming with rescue teams created the Rescue ladder, they specifically targeted the ones who are executing the first quick involvements when the situation demands. The Rescue Line is specifically designed for these purposes.

The Rescue Line is certified according to NFPA 1932 and the European norm EN 1147, specifically designed for fire- and rescue workers, which is one of the hardest certifications to obtain for a telescopic ladder. This means it can handle loads up to 1100 lb or 3 people simultaneously on the ladder. As the circumstances may require.

Technical specification

  • Specifically designed for fire-, military and rescue workers
  • First telescopic ladder in the world where 3 people can use the ladder at the same time or max. load 1100lb load
  • Minimum turnings radius in small spaces
  • Aerospace engineered using airplane grade aluminium alloy for strength with reinforced fiberglass plastic fittings
  • Meets Highest Ratings Standards for Telescoping Ladders EN 1147
  • NFPA 1932 certified
  • Designed and Engineered in Sweden for tough and rugged environment
  • Rubber Top Section - Works individually on uneven surfaces. Avoids sliding and damaging walls.
  • Adjustable height - extend only to your desired height
  • Ergonomic - Wide and level rungs to minimize slipping and reduce fatigue
  • Safe Locking - Red indicator tabs to ensure your safety every time
  • Safe rung covers - Non-slip rungs that disperse dirt an debris
  • Secure hand grip - Built in handle for safe and quick rescue operations
  • Height indicators - Instantly open to desired height
  • Smart & safe unlocking - 2 push buttons for closing the ladder. Autostep® - Automatic unlocking system when closing the ladder.
  • A strong triangular design - Twist and flex resistant by nature, U.S. Patent No. Des. US D683,479 S
  • Angeled rubber feet - Maximum Surface Contact to avoid slipping


Rescue Line

A short video showing all features.