Construction Line - USTEPS
11.5 ft
13.5 ft
Art. no: 70835-U581
Working height: 14.5 ft
Height, extended: 11.5 ft
Height, closed: 3’ 8”
Rung width: 3.15”
Width: 18.5”
Weight: 33.1 lb
No. of treads: 11
Art. no: 70841-U581
Working height: 16.5 ft
Height, extended: 13.5 ft
Height, closed: 3’ 10”
Rung width: 3.15”
Width: 18.5”
Weight: 42.3 lb
No. of treads: 13

660 pounds

That is what makes this telescoping ladder unique.

We have evolved our great Prime Line into a solid construction ladder. Our Construction Line is tested for 660 pounds making it possible to carry heavy equipment and building materials in a safe and efficient way. Just like the Prime you have the option to choose the right height of your ladder for each individual situation.

Safety features

In addition to the load rating of 660 pounds, there are plenty of unique safety features built into the Construction Line. First is the 3.15 inches wide rungs designed with grooved channels to disperse dirt, offering a steady and safe position. Our rungs are also level, a feature that reduces fatigue and makes the work more comfortable, especially when used for longer periods.

The Construction Line is like the rest of our ladders designed with our patented triangular aluminum tubes. Making the ladder significantly stronger and more flex and torsion resistant.

Angled rubber feet maximize surface contact to avoid the ladder from slipping. At the top of the ladder you find our rubber top section, Individual telescoping uprights make it easier to place the ladder on uneven wall surfaces. Both uprights have a rubber top to avoid slipping and making damage to the wall.

Technical specification

  • Rubber Top Section Works individually on uneven surfaces. Avoids sliding and damaging walls.
  • Ergonomic Wide and level rungs to minimize slipping and reduce fatigue.
  • Safer rungs Rungs with grooved channels to disperse dirt.
  • Angled rubber feet Maximum Surface Contact to avoid slipping.
  • Adjustable height Extend only to your desired height.
  • Slow Close System Controlled closing to avoid pinching fingers.
  • Safe Locking Red indicator tabs to ensure your safety every time.
  • Smart & safe unlocking Just 2 push buttons to close the ladder. Autostep® - Automatic unlocking system when closing the ladder.
  • A strong triangular designTwist and flex resistant by nature. U.S. Patent No. Des. US D683,479 S


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Construction Line

A short video showing all the features.