Strongest and safest telescopic ladder on the market - USTEPS

Made in Sweden

Yes, it’s true. From now on USTEPS ladders are not only designed and developed in Sweden, they are also manufactured in Sweden.

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Rubber top

Works individually on uneven surfaces. Avoids sliding and damaging walls.


Wide and level rungs to minimize slipping and reduce fatigue.

Triangular design

Twist and flex resistant by nature U.S. Patent No. Des. US D683,479 S

Angled rubber feet

Maximum Surface Contact to avoid slipping.

Adjustable height

Extend only to your desired height.

Slow close system

Controlled closing to avoid pinching fingers.

Safer rungs

Rungs with grooved channels to disperse dirt.

Smart & safe unlocking

2 push buttons for closing the ladder. Autostep® - Automatic unlocking system when closing the ladder.

Safe locking

Red indicator tabs to ensure your safety every time.

Innovation runs in our veins

We aim to be the most inspiring and innovating brand in our industry

For more than 30 years, when we started with the first telescoping ladder, we always had the end user in focus. We strive to make your daily life safer and more comfortable, by developing smart functions, clever solutions and useful accessories.

We never copy. We always innovate.


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Creativity lies in the details

You will feel the difference.

Wide and level rungs for the very best of comfort. Angled rubber feet that optimize friction against the ground. Keeping your ladder safe, stable and slip-resistant. And oh, adjustable. So you always have the right ladder height for the job. The details are what makes all the difference.


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Over 30 years of experience

Our experience, your insurance.

For 30 years we have succeeded in combining the flexible telescopic function in our ladders and platforms with excellent safety and quality. Our experience will keep you safe and sound.


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