Experience - USTEPS

A lot of hidden features

Our ladders has a lot of clever solutions that will ease your use and make your time on the ladder safer and more convenient.

Foremost our rungs are angled which means that when you stand on the ladder your feet will stand on the whole rung and not just the edge as is the case on a standard ladder. This makes a huge different in comfort and safety.

Our ladder feet is rounded which makes the ladder always having maximum contact to the surface, to avoid slipping.

The ladders top section works individually on uneven surfaces and is equipped with rubber tops to avoid sliding and damaging walls.


Smart accessories

Make your working environment even safer and more efficient with our unique accessories.

We have a lot of accessories that fits different needs and more are constantly under development. If you lack anything please contact us and we will look into it and se if there is an opportunity for us to solve it.

Our most appreciated accessory is the Adjustable Safety Feet, which makes it possible to use the ladder safely on uneven ground or stairs etc.

Our great accessories

Great user experience

“I have really enjoyed USTEPS ladders and have been frequently asked about them by homeowners and other contractors while inspecting homes in my area.

I found that the thoughtful design and features make for a safer and sturdier ladder; I never once felt that my safety was compromised and had full confidence while using the ladders.”

Aaron Heugly – Sun Valley Home Inspections, June 2019