Innovation - USTEPS

Over 30 years of innovation

Many years ago, the USTEPS products created an icon in the world of telescoping ladders, today to be recognized as the world leaders in telescopic work tools. The USTEPS telescoping products are renowned for its safety, its quality, functional and unique design by many professionals worldwide.

We develop, design and build our products with love and passion. All to give You the opportunity to work in a safe environment.

Because Your Safety Matters.

Peter Heim

Innovating for You

We are often involving our targeted users, in order to understand their need. Your needs.

For little more than 30 years ago, when we started with the first telescoping ladder, we always had the end user in focus. We strive to make Your daily life safer and more comfortable, by developing smart functions, clever solutions and useful accessories.

Easy to bring, comfortable to use

A very Prime ladder so to speak. 

Great products require R&D time, resources, but most of all passionate team. We are giving our lives to develop these great products, to offer Safety, when for whatever reason you need to climb on a ladder. And no, we don’t know everything, we are always learning by interacting with You, taking in all the important signals to create tomorrows great products.